Carbon (True Books)

Carbon (True Books) Ideal For The Science Classroom Curriculum Glossary Terms Are Bolded Throughout The Text For Easy Identification Includes A List Of Up To Date Books, Organizations, And Web Sites As References And Resources For Information As Well As A Glossary Of Important Words Good Resource For Science Projects And Reports On The Elements Good To Sell With The Other True Book Elements BooksGrade K ScienceII Content Standard B Physical Science Properties Of Objects And Materials Objects Have Many Observable Properties, Including Size, Weight, Shape, Color, Temperature, And The Ability To React With Other Substances Objects Are Made Of One Or Materials, Such As Paper, Wood, And Metal Objects Can Be Described By The Properties Of The Materials From Which They Are Made, And Those Properties Can Be Used To Separate Or Sort A Group Of Objects Or Materials Materials Can Exist In Different States Solid, Liquid, And Gas

Carbon (True Books)

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