More Matrix and Philosophy

More Matrix and Philosophy This Follow Up To The Hugely Successful The Matrix And Philosophy Is Broken Down Into Seven Scenes That Explore Some Of The Deeper Issues In The Movie Series Scene One Examines The Issues Of Fate, Fortune, Causation, And Determinism In The Trilogy Scene Two Asks Readers To Consider The Concept Of Freedom In The Film And In Reality Scene Three Analyzes The Metaphysical Links And Breakdowns Between The Three Movies Scene Four Provides Exciting Glimpses Into The Meaning Of The Music And The Evolution Of The Animatrix Scene Five Addresses The Controversial Issues Of Race, Humanness, And Violence Life, Love, And The Meaning Of It All Are Considered In Scene Six, While Scene Seven Looks At The Various Religious Elements That Appear Throughout The Series The Three Films Comprising The Matrix Have Become A Genuine Cultural Phenomenon This Book Enriches Both The Enjoyment Of The Films And The Understanding Of Life Today

More Matrix and Philosophy

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10 thoughts on “More Matrix and Philosophy

  1. Dave says:

    Pretty good sequel and again well written if you loved the movies these two books will provide a better understanding of the themes in philosophy and existentialism predominantly in a readable format.

  2. Abbey says:

    You have already made the choice to read this book or not to read it The only matter left to you is to understand WHY you made the choice It doesn t matter if you made the choice or it was fate That s a spurious argument What matters is if you understand your choice.I love this nonsense, but maybe I d understand it better if I had a red or blue pill to swallow first.

  3. yashar says:


  4. Veronica says:

    The beginning is techy, but keep going I wantedinfo about the characters.

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