A 100 Day Guide To Intimacy

A 100 Day Guide To Intimacy Take Your Marriage From Average To Awesome In Days Create The Spiritual, Emotional And Physical Closeness That You Ve Been Hungering For Identify The Roadblocks That Keep You From Experiencing Exciting And Satisfying Intimate Moments With Your SpouseIntimacy Doesn T Need To Be Illusive Its Time To Recognize Intimacy For What It Is A Loving And Life Long Process That Requires Commitment And Practice Realize That God Is A True Romantic And He Definitely Is Interested In This Issue From Scripture, Personal Experience And Research, Doug Weiss Offers A Day Practical Plan That Will Energize Your Relationship And Create A Spiritual, Emotional And Physical Closeness That You Have Hungered For In Your Marriage You Ll Identify Destructive Emotional Roadblocks The Enemy Uses To Keep You From Experiencing Wild, Abandoned, Intimate Moments With God And Your Spouse Develop A Marathon Mentality For Your Relationship And Take The Next Days To Fall In Love All Over Again Inside This Book You Ll Discover Three Stages Of Sexuality How Sexual History Creates Doubt The Importance Of Owning Sin Why To Set Boundaries In Marital Dating How To Discuss Your Sexual Desires How The Internet Threatens Intimacy What To Do With Sexual Addictions Practical Steps To Letting Go Of Childhood Traumas The Healthiest Gift You Can Give To Your Children

A 100 Day Guide To Intimacy

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