Around The World

Around The World A Fantastic Journey Around The World Is About To Begin Starting In Downtown New York And Traveling To Australia, China, Turkey, Serbia, Nigeria, France, Brazil, Canada, Puerto Rico, And Back To New York Again, Kids Play Their Hearts Out In A Grueling, Winner Take All, Pick Up Basketball Game Full Court Passes In A Gym In Shanghai Are Effortlessly Picked Off In Istanbul With A Turn Of The Page Thwack Readers Will Challenge Themselves To Keep Pace With These Young Players While Taking In The Sights Of The Eiffel Tower And Other Landmarks That Frame The Action In Each City.John Coy, Author Of The Award Winning Strong To The Hoop, Draws Once From His Bottomless Knowledge Of Basketball To Bring Readers The Grit, Sweat, And Realistic Hoop Speak That Passes Between Players Who Know And Love The Game Packed Full Of Comic Book Style Action And Locales From All Over The Globe.

Around The World

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  1. J-Lynn Van Pelt says:

    This book seamlessly transitions to nine different basketball games happening between children in different countries to make it seem like one game is being played around the world The readers see basketball played in New York City, Canada, Puerto Rico, Brazil, France, Serbia, Turkey, Nigeria, and China.The illustrations are in a loose graphic novel style using bold colors in acrylic on canvas This book would be an excellent introduction to graphic novels and a strong independent read for a transitional reader who still needs heavy picture support.The authors and illustrators also provide a map of the world with the settings of the story identified, a glossary of the foreign words that are used, and directions on how to play the basketball game Around the World The only reason I didn t give this book 5 stars is because it uses a lot of specific vocabulary that would only be understood ...

  2. Josianne Fitzgerald says:

    I m not a basketball player so most of the terms here were unfamiliar but I loved the idea that basketball is an universal language, played with equal enthusiasm around the world.

  3. Grosso says:

    Gabe really likes this book and both kids like the maps and different countries visited I find the writing difficult and you need to know basketball terms, including slang It also has a comic book feel, which is not my favorite but the kids both enjoy the pictures.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Great graphics This book doesn t make a lot of sense to me, I just don t know basketball well enough, I guess I could see it becoming a favorite of some students.

  5. Machim says:

    Children s Books

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