Vinnie's Head

Vinnie's Head Small Time Long Island Criminal, Johnnie LoDuco, After Giving Up A Promising Career As A Smut Peddler, Gets Involved With Some Friends Who Rob A Convenience Store, Get Caught Because They Are Too Stoned To Make A Getaway, And Then Pin All The Blame On Him And When His Childhood Buddy Vinnie Bails Him Out Of Jail, He Agrees To Partake In A Scam Vinnie Has Put Together That Will Make Them All Rich The Only Problem Is While Out Fishing One Day Johnnie Reels In The Biggest Catch Of His Life Vinnie S Head On The End Of The Fishing Line Now Mafia Types, Bounty Hunters, And Vinnie S Girlfriend Are After Him, And Johnnie LoDuco Doesn T Have A Clue As To Why Plus, They All Seem To Want Vinnie S Head, But Johnnie Seems To Have Misplaced It In An Ice Cooler And If He Wants To Live He Needs To Get It Back.

Vinnie's Head

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10 thoughts on “Vinnie's Head

  1. Robert says:

    A mystery wrapped around a severed head filled with a lot of dark humor and enough whacked out characters to fill a ward at Bellvue Mental Hospital What is not to like about a book like that The ending...

  2. Lissa says:

    Everything that could go wrong with this guy, did He is totally clueless and fun to read about Another crazy read.

  3. Art says:

    Johnnie LoDuco has a knack for stepping in shit He can find it in a one cow, 1,000 acre field.But after his most recent failure, his old friend Vinnie bails him out of jail, takes him to Vinnie s new Long Island McMansion and starts getting the details for a new passport so he can help him with a credit card scam in Paraguay.Vinnie and his girlfriend a doctor who now hawks hair transplants on tv then get into a limo and head for the airport, planning to send for Johnnie later.But the McMansion gets shot up and Johnnie moves into Vinnie s old garage apartment, complete with a month s supply of ramen He decides to go fishing and pulls in a whopper V...

  4. Maddy says:

    PROTAGONIST Johnnie LoDucoSETTING Long IslandSERIES DebutRATING 4.0Johnnie LoDuco isn t really a bad guy He s just a fellow that gets involved in dubious events and has incredibly bad luck For example, as soon as he s released from county prison after serving time for a minor crime, he follows some friends who decide to rob a deli Johnnie has actually had nothing to do with it, but when the cops follow the trail of cold cuts left behind, it leads them to our boy Fortunately, he gets bailed out by an old friend, Vinnie McCloskey Schmidt, who is planning a scam extraordinaire Johnnie just has to go along for the ride and not do anything illegal sound familiar and meet Vinnie and his bada bing girlfriend, Jennifer Smeals, in Paraguay But before the plan can be executed, Vinnie finds himself on the chopping block literally He disappears while at the airport The circumstances of his being found are quite unusual Johnnie decides to relax and forget everything by going fishing And his catch is a big one Vinnie s head Obviously, he s got to hide it and that s when the real fun begins.Everyone seems to want Vinnie s head Johnnie finds himself dealing with mobsters, cops, bounty hunter...

  5. Ryan says:

    This first novel from Marc Lecard was quite good For a first attempt He takes the lovable loser character to the next level Johnnie can t seem to catch a break Ever But his wit and charm kept me wanting to find out what would happen to him in the coming paragraphs and pages Johnnie isn t the only character to like in this book His compadre for much of the book is a boredom driven excitement seeker that likes to push limits which is a nice contrast to Johnnie who would much rather let the world take him where ever it pleases Bogdan is a quirky serial assassin killer that, in my opinion, makes the book move in the later half If...

  6. Lisa Decesare says:

    Another debut novel, this was is silly than Sean Chercover s above, but just as good Johnnie LoDuco isn t even a small time crook, he is a disaster Arrested for things he didn t do, never mind those he did, he is on the run from the cops, the mob, and a serial killer, who actually wants to be his friend Besides worrying about all of this LoDuco is trying to save or lose depending on the chapter the severed head of his friend Vinnie Kind of like a C...

  7. Dominica Phetteplace says:

    I m really not a mystery reader The only reason I even picked this book up was because it was written by a family friend But I got into right away, the opening really sucks you in Funny and suspenseful overall.

  8. Ellen says:

    The first half was so great, then the ending was awful Good character development and dark humor, but plot developments that made no sense and required too much suspension of disbelief Don t waste your time.

  9. Craig says:

    Ugh A serial killer played for laughs One of the worst books of the year.

  10. Pam says:

    01 10 08 got from MOTB

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