All-Mountain Skier

All-Mountain Skier Covers Information Than A Week S Worth Of Private LessonsSki Magazine The All Mountain Skier Helps Skiers Advance Their Skills With A Foolproof, Self Instructional Program For Mastering Advanced Techniques In Even The Most Challenging Conditions Drawing From His Extensive Experience As A Ski Professional, Instructor Mark Elling Delivers Essential Advice And Information Including Tips From Other Expert Skiers To Help Readers Perform Like Pros

All-Mountain Skier

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10 thoughts on “All-Mountain Skier

  1. Kurt says:

    I have not read this entire book, but the parts I have read and studied have been extremely beneficial.Until this year I have routinely avoided skiing through powder The very few experiences I have had with it were unpleasant and frustrating However, this year, I put the principles taught in this book into practice, and I now feel quite confident skiing the powder And I love it

  2. Teemu Kemppainen says:

    Covers skiing, equipment and troubleshooting in a clear and compact manner I think everybody will find something to improve on their skiing and this is a good place to start looking for drills and advice.

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