Superstar Cats

Superstar Cats A Fun, Illustrated How To Guide To Help Kids Teach Their Cats Tricks, Written By The Expert Animal Trainer Who Has Worked On The Harry Potter Movies, Game Of Thrones, And Superstar Cats Is A How To Guide For Kids To Teach Their Cats A Wide Range Of Easy And Fun Tricks, Catering To All Shapes, Sizes, And Personalities Julie Tottman Is The Animal Trainer Behind A Whole Host Of Major Hollywood Blockbusters From The Harry Potter Franchise To Lassie, The Dark Knight, Dalmatians And, Most Recently, Game Of Thrones Each Trick Is Broken Down Into Easy Step By Step Instructions, With Helpful Tips And Advice Accompanied By Fun Black And White Illustrations There Is Space To Record Your Cat S Progress, And Tottman Even Shares Some Of Her Hollywood Memories Along The Way

Superstar Cats

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  1. RedPoppyReading says:

    kidlitexchange partner Superstar Cats and Superstar Dogs by Julie Tottman, each include twenty five easy tricks to teach your pet Because the author is the animal trainer for a host of blockbuster movies including Harry Potter she definitely knows her stuff Each include a introduction for pet training that includes tips for making training successful and then dives into tricks such as sitting, jumping, rolling over, bowing and tons The books are wonderfully formatted with really cute illustrations If you have a cat or dog and an elementary school aged child, these books would make an excellent gift Thanks to runningpressbooks for sharing these books with kidlitexchange and thanks to the kidlitexchange network for the review copy of this book all opinions are my own.

  2. Susan says:

    Wow If you are going to soon be adding a cat or dog to your family, these books are for you Superstar Dogs and Superstar Cats each include 25 35 easy tricks for your new pet It includes tips for success , tips on how to use this book and five final top tips which are extremely helpful to begin training your new addition Each trick is clearly explained with an easy step by step process It even includes a spot where your child can note the day they begin working on each trick and the date of their success.I would have loved having this in our home library when we got our cat At that time, when I looked for an easy to use, kid friendly training manual, I couldn t find one This would have been perfect

  3. M.L. Little says:

    Superstar Dogs and Superstar Cats I would have been all over these books, full of motivation to have the coolest dog ever These are advanced tricks I m not sure I could pull half of them off even today because I ve never been good at that kind of stuff, but it was fun to read about them and I can totally see kids pulling it off I love dogs so I thoroughly enjoyed imagining them performing all these tricks However, my absolute favorite was the jump through the hoop trick in the cat book It literally tempted me to try it out with my neighbor s cat A cat jumping through a hoop That would be the cutest thing ever These books are available for purchase now Thanks to kidlitexchange network for the review copies of these books all opinions are my own.

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