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Pocket Bios A Colorfully Illustrated, Pocket Size Picture Book Biography Of Native American Teenager Pocahontas.Pocahontas Was A Native American Teenager Famous For Her Connection To The Colonial Settlement In Jamestown, Virginia She Is Said To Have Saved The Life Of Englishman John Smith At The Age Of 17, She Married Tobacco Farmer John Rolfe, Eventually Moving To England With Him Her Story Has Been Highly Romanticized In Literature And Film Over The Years, And Remains Captivating To This Day.Pocket Bios Are Full Of Personality, Introducing Readers To Fascinating Figures From History With Simple Storytelling And Cheerful Illustrations Titles Include Men And Women From History, Exploration, The Sciences, The Arts, The Ancient World, And.

Pocket Bios

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    Even those who know very little about American history will have heard the story of Pocahontas, but as this book makes clear, much of what is known is probably not true In this Pocket Bio, readers have the chance to learn about her short life and times and her involvement with the Jamestown colony The book includes a timeline of her life and relevant historical events as well as a map of places that were important in her story There are also snippets about four individuals whose lives were significant to Pocahontas s story and four Did You Know questions to provide even background for r...

  2. Leigh Kramer says:

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