Hotel Transylvania 3-in-1 #1

Hotel Transylvania 3-in-1 #1 Three Full Adventures Featuring The Horrific Guests At Hotel Transylvania, The World S Premire Hotel For Monsters To Get A Respite From The Human World Join Drac, His Family Mavis, Human Son In Law Johnny, And Grandson Dennis Along With The Drac Pack As They Cause A Kakieland Katastrophe With A Local Amusement Park Mogul And Then Open Up Motel Transylvania In The Swiss Alps, To Surprising, And Frustrating, Results Plus, Sink You Teeth Into Mavis S Early Years As She Becomes My Little Monster Sitter And With Her Friends Wendy, Pedro, And Hank But What Happens When The Pups She Is Supposed To Watch Disappear In The Catacombs Below The Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania 3-in-1 #1

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