Creating Balance in Children

Creating Balance in Children This Insightful Resource Helps Educators, Parents, And Childcare Providers Discover How Emotions Affect Learning And Behavior, Recognize The Symptoms And Sources Of Imbalance, And Promote Students Physical, Mental, Emotional, And Social Development Students And Teachers Will Learn About The Body Mind Heart Connection, The Importance Of Nutrition, And Options For Correcting And Preventing Imbalance With Over One Hundred ActivitiesUsing The Author S Flexible Guidelines, Teachers Can Help Children Develop Attributes Such As Kindness And Courage, Love And Joy, And A Sense Of Meaning And Interconnectedness Creating Balance In Children Activities To Optimize Learning And Behavior Takes The Lessons Learned From Creating Balance In Children S Lives And Transforms Them Into Easy To Use Activities For Use In The Home And The Classroom

Creating Balance in Children

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