Motocross Alex Hamble Is Set To Take His Very First Ever First Place Finish In Motocross Until He Crashes And Breaks His Leg On The Final Lap Of A Race Now He Has To Recover And Find His Way Back To The Sport He Loves But Judd The Jerk Wilson Tries To Ruin Alex S Chances By Cheating And Sabotaging Alex And His Friends Will Judd Get Away With It, Or Will Alex Make A Successful Comeback To Motocross


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  1. Amy Shannon says:

    Great readI was made aware of these authors on the Writer s Edge with McKensie Stewart s radio show I am so honored that the authors request that I read this title I was intrigued by this story because it was written by a mother son team I don t know much about Motorcross, but I liked the storyline, and it was...

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