Dragon Fire (The Eldritch Files #0.5)

Dragon Fire (The Eldritch Files #0.5) Bodies Are Showing Up With Their Flesh Burned To A Crisp But Only The Skin Clothing, Muscle, Bone Remain Untouched When The Number Of These Bodies Increases In The City Of New Orleans, Lt Crwys Holliard Suspects The Murderer Isn T Part Of The Material Plane, But From A Plane He Believed Was Destroyed Centuries Ago He And His Partner, Lt Levi Tulose, Vow To Put A Stop To The Murders And Send The Creature Back To The Plane From Whence It Escaped But Will Crwys Succeed When He Finds Himself Pitted Against A Dijin, A Witch, And His Own Infamous Past

Dragon Fire (The Eldritch Files #0.5)

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10 thoughts on “Dragon Fire (The Eldritch Files #0.5)

  1. Cheryl Smith says:

    Frustrated I want the rest of the series LMAO I don t like being left hanging This series and author are fantastic If there wasn t another book in this series, I would recommend starting the Eldritch Files series So, my recommendation is to wait and read the rest of the Grimoire Chronicles first.Irritating, I know, but if you are anything like me, you should wait.

  2. Ciara says:

    Normally I love Weldon s Eldritch Files but I was a bit disappointed by this novella It started off being really interesting I was enjoying the back and forth between Sam and Crwys and seeing them meet for the first time It was interesting to learn about a new magical creature, in this case the Dijin However, what really irked me is the story abruptly ends with no completion and there is an author s note that the conclusion can be found in a book from another series that includes Sam as a character Huh I m totally fine with an author bringing in characters from other series to get readers interested in that series too, but finish the story Don t direct me to find out the ending in another book It wasn t like she was setting up a sequel, there simply wasn t a coherent ending What s also weird, is that the incident with the Dijin is mentioned frequently by Sam in the Eldritch Files but what she alludes to isn t in this novella, so to find out what happened I have to go track down another book This could have been an exciting addition to the Eldritch Files and expanded Weldon s overall world but it came off as an unfinished I still recommend reading this novella for the Sam Crwys witty repartee, the background info on Grey, and the general awesomeness of the Eldritch Files Just be prepared for a sudden ending.

  3. Joseph Kramer says:

    Good Short story about when Sam meets Crwys to hunt down a Dijiin.

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