My Protector

My Protector Finally, The Boy Of Her Childhood Dreams Notices Her, As They Enter The Same Elevator In A Strange Building Little Do They Know That They Are About To Enter A World Of Mayhem Together They Ride The Elevator, Entering Parallel Worlds On Every Floor Vampires, Centaurs With Chainsaws, And Other Strange Worlds, All Greet Them, Once The Doors Open Bruce Battles For Control As He Desperately Tries To Protect The Girl Locked In A Life Or Death Struggle To Learn The Truth That The Building Hides, Will They Ever Escape Their Torment

My Protector

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9 thoughts on “My Protector

  1. Maryalice says:

    An interesting short story, almost like there was 4 short stories mixed inside of one one story As the elevator went to each floor they were in a different story.

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