Four Corners of America

Four Corners of America Being Both Recently Retired, Neither My Long Time Friend Riding Buddy Lynden Wyant Nor I Could Any Longer Conjure Cop Outs About Cobbling Together A 4 Corners USA Trip Ours Wouldn T Be The 21 Day Southern California Motorcycling Association Sponsored Trek, But One Dictated By Our Starts And Stops As We Saw Them Presented By All Those Unpredictable, Two Wheeled Travel Gremlins Bells On While McGregor And Boorman Chose The Title Long Way Round , Ours Would Be Long Time Round Whatever Might Catch Our Attention Would Be Worthy Of Exploration Young Riders Pick A Destination And Go Older Riders Pick A Direction And Go With Many Partnered Mid West Journeys Behind Us, Our Respective Rolling Philosophies Had Synched Nicely Over The Last Few Decades.

Four Corners of America

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  1. Ronnie Cramer says:

    A couple of sexegenarians take a motorcycle trip around the USA and share their thoughts and observations they also leave a lot of personal items behind and have to go back for them A short book that is also interspersed with appropriate quotations from various lite...

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